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CEDAR (2006) Frontiers Session: The CEDAR Science Steering Committee (CSSC) recognizes the fact that much of the progress in CEDAR science has been associated with organized campaign studies. Recent community reviews and assessments have shown that campaign studies are associated with increases in the number of published studies and enhanced collaboration between investigators. The CSSC believes that such new collaborative campaigns will spur the next generation of discoveries in middle and upper atmosphere science. The CEDAR community came together at the 2006 meeting to discuss grand challenges. The session was organized by Rich Collins and Eric Donovan.

Eighth International Conference on Substorms: We are in an exciting time in the history of substorm research. Recent developments based on satellite and ground-based observations and our increasing understanding of the role of plasma physical processes in the substorm are allowing us to answer long-standing questions and uncover interesting new questions. THEMIS is providing new insights into the sunstorm and essential all aspects of magnetotail dynamics. During ICS-8, we highlighted recent results in substorm research, surveyed our current state of understanding as well as key unresolved issues and set the stage for THEMIS. ICS-8 was held at the Banff Centre in the heart of the Canadian Rockies.
2nd International Workshop on Riometry: The second international workshop on riometry will be held in Banff on the 24th and 25th of March 2005. Details will be available soon.