Athabasca (ATHA, #12)


The Athabasca site is located at Athabasca University in Athabasca, AB about 2 hours north of Edmonton.



The Athabasca GBO is located at the Athabasca University Geophysical Observatory (AUGO) pictured below which is located approximately 500 meters west of the main University Campus. The Observatory is equiped with a one meter dome, power, heat, telephone and a high speed internet connection.



The prototype THEMIS GBO is at the AUGO. The prototype ASI Enclosure (and ASI) is mounted on the wooden platform on top of the Observatory. The prototype (Observatory Support Electronics) OSE is deployed outside AUGO in the Computer System Enclosure (CSE). The final configuration will have the OSE inside AUGO with the cables to the ASI running through access holes just below the 1 metre dome. The THEMIS prototype GBO installation site visit is documented in the installation trip report.

The ASI Enclosure mounted on the AUGO.

The ASI Enclosure and the AUGO 1 metre dome (north is to the right).

The Computer System Enclosure (CSE) standing next to the AUGO (not shown).

The Observatory Support Electronics (OSE) inside the CSE.


Custodian & Contacts

Martin Connors, Director of the Athabasca Geophysical Obseravtory

The Observatory was built by Dr. Martin Connors of the University of Athabasca who resides in Edmonton. He acts as the contact for the site with assistance from Elaine Birkigt and Ben Warrington, research assistants at the University who live in Athabasca. Top


The Observatory at the University Of Athabasca is connected to high speed internet (via a landline). The prototype GBO is online. It is also equiped with a telephone.


Transportation and Accomodation

While visiting Athabasca be sure and stay at the Hillside Motel!!

Hillside Motel
Address: 4804 - 46 A Avenue Athabasca, AB T9S 1B6
Phone:(780) 675-6466
Fax:(204) 675-8900