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The THEMIS ASI array delivers real-time auroral images every six seconds via the internet. These images are merged together to form mosaics, which provide a synoptic view of what the array “sees” in real-time. When looking at the mosaics, one must be wary of the fact that the data is often compromised by poor viewing conditions at the sites caused by the realities of (for example) transient light pollution, clouds, snow on the domes. Further, the internet connections are for the most part via satellite internet, and so are occasionally not working. Nevertheless, the THEMIS ASI array is a significant step forward towards real-time ground-based monitoring of the dynamic aurora.

Resources for the public
Some talks that show what we are doing
Example THEMIS ASI Images and movies
  • Example images from the THEMIS ASIs
  • Example image sequence from the THEMIS ASIs (individual images)
  • Example image sequence from the THEMIS ASIs (.mov)
  • GAIA Auroral Imaging Gallery (under development)

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