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THEMIS's ground network of all sky imagers will have the density and time resolution to detect auroral onset within 10s and 0.5 degrees of longitude. The University of Calgary will deploy 16 imagers across Canada, combined with imagers in Alaska the THEMIS array will consist of 20 ground-based observatories (GBOs). Each GBO will consist of a white light all sky camera and a host of support equipment such as a computer, GPS antenna, and a satellite dish (in the event that an internet connection is not available at the site). [more information on GBOs]

20 all sky cameras, taking a single image every 5 seconds will produce on average:

115000 frames / night
3.5 million frames / month
42 million frames / year.

Total Data: 5 terabytes / year uncompressed

Site Locations and Status
current status of the THEMIS ASI array - site locations, equipment, communications, housing, etc. (getting the sites built and working )
Software, Telemetry and Data Management image acquisition and storage, data retrieval, star pointing, satellite links, etc. (making the data usable)
Machine Vision automatic image analysis - developed to deal with the terabyte THEMIS data set (it would take 5 people working all day and night to "look" at one years worth of's our solution )
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